Sweet manufacturers in Vellore


Manimark sweets – the snacks manufacturers in Vellore, produce huge variety of lip smacking and mouthwatering snacks using the fresh raw materials like ground nuts, peanuts and other ingredients under hygienic conditions which are disease free. Manimark sweets – the snacks suppliers in Vellore supply Burfy, Nice Burfy, Blacktil Burfy, Tilburfy , Kamarkat, Halwa, Kajjor, Theenmuttai, Poriurandi, Kadalaiurandi, Elluthattai, Kadalaimittai, Burfythattai, Blackelluurandi, Pottukadalurandi and Mundirburfy in desired prices affordable by all groups of people. Keeping in mind the budgetary limit of our customers we the Snacks manufacturers in Vellore started pricing our products from Rs.1 onwards. Our pneumatic controlled processing unit helps us to offer excellent consistency in the quality.

Manimark sweets is a specialist and dedicated processor of kadalaimittai supplies. the quality. We have modern in-house laboratory for evaluation of quality about the product. We regularly export our kadalaimittai product worldwide besides supplies to other states in India. In his earlier stages Mr. A. Sundar Singh worked for wage in a sweet manufacturing company. He observed keenly and became familiar with the production process and decided to run his own company by providing rich and tasty sweets to his customers. So he started the company, Manimark sweets as a wholesale dealer in Vellore. Our team personnel have years of experience and hold expertise in their respective domains. Due to their hard work and dedication, our firm has created a great goodwill in the market.

1 Burfy


2 Halwa


5 Blacktil Burfy

Blacktil Burfy

10 Blacktil Burfy

Blacktil Burfy

15 Kajjor


17 Burfy


25 Burfy


25 Pottukadalurandi


35 Mundirburfy


50 Kadalaiurandi