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Our groundnut sweets are very healthy. We the groundnut candy manufacturers and suppliers in Vellore use only jaggery which contains iron and vitamins. We are not using sugar and preservatives. Groundnut burfi is a traditional ready-to-eat Indian sweet generally made from groundnuts and jaggery. There are several different varieties of burfi in addition to the most common groundnut burfi in the groundnut candy sales in Vellore. Each burfi is named depending upon the ingredients used. We supply the peanut candy as per the customer requirements, like custom size, weight, shape and taste. We the groundnut candy manufacturers and suppliers in Vellore usually use the ingredients like peanut, jaggery, glucose without adding any preservatives. Groundnut sweets are good for health because of the proteins in the peanuts and the iron in the jaggery. These burfis of Manimark sweets ?the groundnut candy manufacturers and suppliers in Vellore are appreciated for its unique taste, crispiness, distinct shapes and purity. This can be eaten alone and is a perfect replacement of chocolates. It is perfect to munch for evening snacks instead of junk food like chips and crackers. Groundnut burfi?s are good for kids to snack on these healthy candies which provide nutrition and also fill the stomach. These do not have any preservatives, colors and other impurities and thus are completely pure and hygienic. It also comes with a plethora of additional benefits such as a phenol anti-oxidant usually found in grapes and peanuts, which help in lowering the risk of heart diseases; monounsaturated fats - beneficial for lowering bad cholesterol (LDL) in the body; healthy fiber and Vitamin D.


Here are some of the most well known Health Benefits of Peanuts sweets manufactured by Manimark sweets ? the famous Groundnut candy manufacturers & suppliers in Vellore.

  • Manimark sweets products are rich in energy containing vitamins, minerals, nutrients, anti-oxidants.
  • Our sweets lower bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol in the body due to the presence of the mono-unsaturated fatty acids especially oleic acid that prevents coronary diseases.
  • Manimark sweets contain protein-rich peanuts with sufficient amino acids good for proper growth and development of body.
  • Poly-phenolic anti-oxidants in the peanuts used in our sweets are in high concentrations. p-Coumaric acid has the ability to reduce the risk of stomach cancer by reducing the productions of carcinogenic nitrous-amines
  • A poly-phenolic anti-oxidant, resveratrol present in peanuts used for production prevents heart diseases, cancers, nervous diseases and viral or fungal infections efficiently.